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Find the listed words in the puzzle.

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Use this page to choose a puzzle. If you are logged in you can play the competitive puzzles (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and track your time.

You may also construct your own puzzle by selecting the size and number of words and clicking New Puzzle.

Times are not tracked for user constructed puzzles.

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Word Puzzle Instructions

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Welcome to Word Puzzle

There are two modes of play - competitve and non competitive.

In order to play the competitive version you must signup for an account.

Accounts are free and you may use your facebook account if you like.

The competitive mode is activated by clicking on the New button and then the Daily, Weekly or Monthly buttons.

When you are in the competitive mode, your score is saved upon completion. You may only save your score once per puzzle.

Scores are not saved in the non competitive mode.

Click on the new button to select or create a puzzle.

You can create your own puzzles. Use the sliders to select the size of the puzzle and the number of words and then click New Puzzle.

An ellipse is drawn around words as you find them. You can show/hide them by clicking on the Show/Hide Circles button.

You select words by pressing on a letter and then dragging to the end. Click on the How To Play button for more details.


Click Back to Puzzle at the top of the page to return to the puzzle..

Create Account How to play

Find the listed words in the puzzle.

  • To select a word Click on the first letter (don't release the mouse button)
  • Drag it to the last letter and release the mouse button.
  • As you drag the line will be either green or red.
  • If it is red that means you are not dragging along a diagonal.
  • The hidden words are either horizontal, vertical, or on a diagonal.
  • When you have found a word, it will be crossed out in the list.
  • When you have found all the words you are done.