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Frequently Asked Questions (scroll to see more)

How do I navigate the site?

Click on the tabs at the top and bottom of the page.

How do I use (or disable) the keyboard to enter letters?

Click on the AdditionalFeatures under settings and change the switch at the bottom for Use keyboard in addition to Point and Click. You can also choose to use a QWERTY keyboard layout there.

How do I change the look of the puzzle?

You can set the colors and text size in the settings section.

What are tiles?

Tiles are the woodlike background for letters. You can turn them on or off in the settings section.

What does autosize puzzle mean?

If you turn on autosize puzzle then the text size of letters in the puzzle will shrink/grow to fit the entire puzzle in puzzle area. If you turn this off, the size will remain constant (Choose the size in settings) and the puzzle will have scroll bars.

I do/don't want the author to be part of the puzzle. How do I set that?

Go to Additional features in the settings section and set it.

I want the timer to start every time I play a puzzle. How?

Choose auto start timer in settings/additional features

How do I disable Hints?

Advanced players can disable this in settings/additional features.

What is the difference bewteen stop and pause on the timer?

The stop button resets the time to 0, and the pause button does not.

The timer is in my way. How do I fix that?

Cicking on the timer button again will hide the timer but will not stop it. You can also drag the timer to a different position.

When I click Clear not all the letters are removed. Why?

Letters filled in using the Hint button will remain. You can erase them by clicking on them.

When I "Print" using the browser's print menu, the puzzle does not print correctly. Why?

Click on the Print button at the bottom of the puzzle. This will prepare the puzzle for printing.

When I click on the link in my email, a different puzzle appears. Why?

The encrypted puzzle letters are determined on the fly and will be different in the email than on the web. The answer, however, will be the same.

How do I get back to Today's cryptogram, if I have started a different puzzle?

Reload the page. Today's cryptogram is always the first puzzle shown.

Background Color

Puzzle Letter Color

Answer Letter Color

Keyboard Letter Color

Puzzle Text Size

If you have chosen to Auto Size the puzzle the setting on this page is ignored.

Text Size:

Keyboard Text Size

Text Size:


Use woodlike tiles as letter background?

Use tiles in Puzzle?

Use tiles for Keyboard?

Additional Features

Automatically Start Timer when a puzzle loads?

Show the Hint Button?

Automatically Resize puzzle to fit?

If yes, the text size will decrease until the puzzle fits. You can still resize the text manually.

Use QWERTY keyboard?

Use author in Puzzle?

Use keyboard in addition to point and click

If on you will be able to type choices.

Create a Cryptogram

Share your creation.

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We have some new games for you to try.

Word Puzzle

It is a word search game and you can compete with your friends for best scores and/or play the game on Facebook.

Note that this game will not work in IE 8 because it requires compliance with HTML 5 standards.

Click on the image below to try it out.

Words in Words

Find all the smaller words in a larger word.

Note that this game will not work in IE 8 because it requires compliance with HTML 5 standards.

Click on the image below to try it out.

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